“Nos escuchamos” (“We listen to each other”)

With the program Nos escuchamos” (“We listen to each other”), we support people who are in search of social and emotional support through active and empathic listening, through telephone contact. We listen not only with our ears but also with our eyes, minds, hearts and imagination.

Active listening is a respectful way of dealing with others, based on a series of behaviors that prepare the listener to focus on the message and generate a special bond with the speakers’ emotions.

Empathizing is recognizing the value of thinking for ourselves as a whole, of putting ourselves in the other’s place and how they go through with what they have to live. It is a way of sharing our time with those who need it.

In so doing, we can connect in a dynamic and immediate way while shortening distances. Finding different ways to intervene in the social sphere promotes greater effectiveness in building links.



The proposal purpose is to keep people company from a distance and in a way that provides comfort, motivates daily interest and promotes the benefit of a friendly discussion. This provides a space for those who wish to share experiences, stories or their daily lives to emphasize emotions and link us through solidarity, respect and understanding.


A team of volunteers will be available for telephone meetings aimed at those who need it. The Foundation will coordinate the day, time and frequency, with the intention that the meetings are stipulated but flexible. The program does not have a medical, psychological or therapeutic follow-up scope. It is limited to generating a space for relaxation and exchange to promote a pleasant and friendly conversation that allows you to experience a pleasant moment.

Quienes quieran ingresar en el circuito de llamados para recibir acompañamiento a distancia, podrán completar el formulario en (este link.)