"Nuestras raíces" (“Our roots”)

People often form groups with common interests, such as music, sports, or an area of ​​study. On other occasions, they do it to find a space of contention in the face of circumstances in their own lives or those of their loved ones.

Interpersonal relationships between members of a group occur through forms of interaction that strengthen collective work, including dialogue, recreational activities and other joint projects. 

Effective group work promotes an increase in motivation and creativity and allows the recognition of each member’s and the group’s strengths and weaknesses. They are enriched individually and act as a source of mutual support.

With “Nuestras raíces” (“Our Roots”) program, the Foundation listens, and provides a sense of belonging and security to participants in support groups that help them face life circumstances. The purpose being to make them feel free to speak, to write their own stories and to collect photographs, images and memories. The material that will be collected will be published in book form, or another form of content.


To contribute to improving the quality of life and well-being of group members and their loved ones; to strengthen their sense of belonging; to facilitate a space for integration and cooperation; to redefine interests and virtues; to encourage the recognition of the other within their personal environment and their life story.


Each group, at its own time and based on its needs and rhythm, will put together the work scheme, its schedule and its implementation method. They will choose a name that they feel represents them and then, with the Foundation’s support, will commence the task of telling their life stories and values, and will collect photographs and other materials that they consider relevant. The final step will be to present the result of their work in eBook format.